Become the best version of yourself. Set boundaries and improve relationships while prioritizing your own needs. Psychological coaching focuses on the positive aspects of the human condition, much like positive counseling; it does not focus on the negative, irrational, and pathological aspects of life. Coaching is specific and goal-oriented. Like sports coaching, psychological coaching concentrates on individual or group strengths and abilities that can be used in new and different ways to enhance performance, feel better about the self, ensure smooth life transitions, deal with challenges, achieve goals, become more successful, and improve the overall quality of your personal and professional life. Coaching makes use of positive resources, such as hope, resilience, and optimism, all of which improve job satisfaction, performance, and dedication to achieve meaningful results.

What to Expect

A coach is as much a mentor as a therapist. Most coaching is short-term and consists of straightforward, supportive, solution-based counseling. With the right coach, you will be able to explore ways to alleviate stress, cope with challenges, survive transitions, and make more positive choices in your personal or professional life. Coaching styles may vary, depending on the type of coaching required, and whether you are involved in private or group coaching. For instance, a worksite coaching program may include both individual counseling and group activities that emphasize the needs of the organization as well as those of the individual within the group.

Coaching sessions can include messaging, homework, live sessions, or a combination of the three. Ares of focus may include:

• Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries
• Achieving better work-life balance
• Increasing life satisfaction
• Practicing personal goal setting and follow through
• Exploring the power of “No”
• Prioritizing self-care
• Achieving a positive mindset

Contact me and we can discuss a coaching package that best fits your needs.